I am Cryptocurrency

The God who formed an alliance with Moses and introduced himself as Iam is cryptocurrency anchored on Bitcoin and Ethereum. When he said I am the Alpha and the Omega he meant I am the money and the box. Bitcoin is the money and Ethereum is the money box.

Iam Ethereum. Phsoto by David McBee on Pexels.com

On their journey to the Promised Land, the Hebrews carried a box they called the Covenant Box. In that box were two stone tablets. The box itself was Ethereum and the stone tablets were Bitcoin.

In other words, the Covenant Box was a treasure chest full of Bitcoin.

The box the Hebrews carried in the wilderness was a single block described as the foundation stone. Today, Ethereum is referred to as a blockchain because that single box has multiplied to many boxes.

People investing in cryptocurrency are really putting their money in cubic boxes. These boxes are arranged vertically and horizontally so that a row or column of boxes is called block chain.

Israel is cryptocurrency built on Bitcoin and Ethereum, as the hexagram symbolising the nation of Israel is simply the product of a merger between ETH and BTC.

In the hexagram, the two intersecting equilateral triangles are Bitcoin and their area of intersection is Ethereum.

One of the triangle is zero or yin and the other is one or yang such that the two triangles are the two digits in binary numbers.

BT = Binary digit
C = Coin
BTC = Binary Digit Coin

The hexagonal area of intersection is in reality a cube. The cube is the box called block in blockchain.

Since the hexagram is Israel and the cube is Jerusalem, Bitcoin and Ethereum are Israel and Jerusalem respectively.

Bitcoin = Israel  (hexagram)
Ethereum = Jerusalem  (cube)

Since all cryptocurrencies are anchored on Ethereum and Bitcoin, investing in cryptocurrency is transferring money to Israel and its capital, because the Bible says the wealth of the nations shall come into the holy city. It is giving money to the Iam, because the hexagram  (Israel) is the chi and the cube (Jerusalem) is the qi on both sides of the I am who appeared to Moses in the wilderness.

I am the Beginning and the End means that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two extremes and all other cryptocurrencies fall between them.

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