Cryptocurrency Demystified

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By encrypting fiat currencies money is locked and hidden in a mystery box. In the past, this mystery box was the black box called magic cube. It is the same mystery box Solomon named the holy of holies or the most holy place.

The New Testament testified of how the curtain covering the inner room was torn apart and people could see what lies inside the holy of holies. The curtain was a veil clouding the hearts of humans and preventing them from understanding what lies beyond the curtain.

Money is stubborn and scarce when it is mystified. The black box takes from us like a masked thief stealing from people.

Criminal code 419 is stamped all over numbers  displayed in cryptocurrency price updates to portray that it is in the nature of the black box to pull money away from people and render them impoverished. Faudstars were able to make a lot of money because their reasoning is in resonance with the 419 box.

The way to force the black box to release all the money stolen and locked up is to demystify the box. The magic box is a female covering her face and entire body with a black clothing. She steals a lot from us and hide it under her cloth. She takes but unwilling to give.

Today the woman is naked. The woman’s cloths were torn off the moment the curtain covering the inner room was torn in two. Her pride was taken away such that she became willing to love and give out all that she has been withholding.

The black box was the greedy famous prostitute documented in the book of Revelation. When mystified, the woman is Babylon the Great. When demystified, the woman is the new Jerusalem.

Converting Babylon to new Jerusalem is demystifying cryptocurrency and making a lot of money from crpto trading and investment since Babylon and Jerusalem are two different states of the same box of money. Babylon is when the box of money is buried in the ground. The new Jerusalem is when the box is dug out of the ground and the money deposited in our bank acoount.

All forms of crypto are rendered powerless by demystifying the black box. Money flows easily and rapidly from every crypto currency exchange we invest in to our bank account by virtue of the fact that the black box is now under our power. It is now our property.

The kingdom of God is about money hidden in a secret place and all people coming into the world were called to contest in a race to find the money. That is the purpose of striving to get into heaven. The one who exposed the mystery of the money owns all the money converted to cryptocurrency. What this means is that luck is on our side and crypto market will always move in our direction in order for us to make huge amount of money.

Crypto money will keep flowing in bulk to us because the amount of money we have there is infinite.

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