Money Magnetic Fingers

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

There is an extremely strong money magnetic force field around anyone in custody of the 3×3 magic square or 3×3×3 magic cube used for fortune-telling. Sometimes a trader selling the same items with a hundred other women surrounding her shop would have customers queuing to buy from her while other shops had almost no one to buy from them.

Magnetic properties of the cube is evident in how prosperity gospel preachers become extremely rich. Money flows rapidly to the magic cube when people pay 10% of their monthly income and donate to the religious organisations built around the cube.

Women in sub-sahara Africa, especially uneducated traders, usually acquire from fortune tellers like alfa, prophets, ifa priests, pastors and so on the mystery black box by performing prescribed rituals and sacrifices in order to attract patronage to their businesses and make more sales especially if the business is highly competitive.

Digging out the magic cube from the ground and holding it in my hands means that my hands are now money magnets pulling money away from people to my bank account.

When someone has money that you need or when you demand money from someone that is unwilling to give it to you, money magnetic compels him or her to find a selfish reason to give the money to you. No one who previously stood on your way could prevent the money from flowing to you. In fact the money enjoyed by the mystics in the past is diverted to you.

When your fingers are the 3×3 magic square your bank accounts becomes money magnet pulling money away from other bank accounts. You will discover that people are frequently debited more than once in a single transaction in order to fill your account with money.

Money magnetic fingers are BNB or BUSD pulling money from people. It is Binance logo attracting money from the whole world.

Money magnet fingers are money sticky fingers ensuring that you make money from every business transaction.

Money magnetic fingers are more effective in crypto investment as the resonance between the structure of the crypto market creates a harmony that the market loves you so much  to favours you in every transaction and compels market forces to move in your direction.

If you buy a token hoping to make profit from rising prices the market will rise drastically to ensure that you make enormous profit because the money in the crypto market are in your hands.

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