Crypto Cain and Abel

Crypto Israel. Photo by Pixabay on

Cain and Abel were animated Ethereum and Bitcoin respectively. Writers of the book of Genesis personified crypto as Cain and Abel like the Romans in later years peronified planets like Jupiter, Mars and Saturn and worshipped them as gods.

Rubik’s Cube is a cubical arrangement of twenty seven cubes. Cain is the Rubik’s Cube.

Cain = C + A + I + N
         = 3 + 1 + 9 + 14
         = 27 (Rubik’s Cube)

As a cube, Rubik’s Cube is 26, God’s number of the quarter turn metric. When the emphasis is on the number of sub-cubes Rubik’s Cube is 27, but 26 when tackled from the perspective of the number of vertices, edges and square faces.

Since each block in a blockchain is a cube, Cain is Ethereum.

Abel, on the other hand, is Rubik’s Cube algorithm.

Abel = A + B + E + L
         = 1 + 2 + 5 + 12
         = 20

20 is the hexagram called ogun in Yoruba language and chi in Igbo culture. The hexagram is the product of two intersecting triangles, each triangle equal to 10.

Abel is therefore a hexagram comprised of two equilateral triangles. Each triangle is a tetractys of the decad.

We understand from previous knowledge of the structure of tetractys and the hexagram that one of the trianglea is comprised of the ten decimal and the other is the ten decimals converted to binary digits. Since binary is 1 and decimal is 0, Abel is binary digits.

Apart from the apparent story of Cain and Abel every eyes could see there is money hidden in their names just as money is concealed in other chapters and verses of the Bible.

The money concealed in the Bible are invisible to the naked eyes because it is encrypted in letters, names, words and sentences.

Cain and Abel are cryptocurrencies because they are encrypted fortunes. Cain is the qi (cube) known as Ethereum and Abel is the chi called Bitcoin.

Cain = cube (Ethereum)
         = qi

Abel = hexagram (Israel)
         = chi

Abel and Cain are money and the wallet holding the money. Qi is a box of money called ETH and chi is money known as BTC.

The story of what Cain did to Abel and God’s verdict on Cain is a distractions from the money. Finding the fortune encrypted as Cain and Abel is unearthing a box of Bitcoin.

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