Crypto Money Tree

Money tree, by Daan Rink on

The tree of life is a money tree whose fruits are an array of cryptocurrencies. In its fruits are diverse national currencies transferred from different nations to crypto wallets and crypto exchange.

The tree of life is a tree of qi numerically equal to 69. Six or yin is the root of the tree and nine is the shoot. The tree of life is 54, the product of 6 and 9.

Since 54 is Rubik’s Cube and Binance logo is a two-dimensional structure of of Rubik’s Cube, Binance crypto exchange is the tree of life. The golden colour of the Binance logo means that Binance is the city whose street is made of gold.

Life is qi or chi. Since qi is a cube, Binance logo is a two-dimensional representation of qi. In other words, Binance is prosperity, progress, success and good luck.

Life has two basic geometric forms: cube and hexagram. The cube is qi and the hexagram is chi so that the tree of life is the tree of qi or chi.

Chi is made up of two intersecting equilateral triangles. The two triangles are the root and shoot of the tree of life. The ten dots in one of the triangles are the ten toes and the ten dots of the other triangles are the ten fingers, which that the human body is the tree of life.

People transfer money into Binance in order to yield fruits. Money generated from Binance are the fruit of life produced by the tree of life.

Example of fruit of life is the COIN98. Each C98 token is chi such that making money from C98 token is harvesting chi from the tree of life.

Life = Chi
        = c + h + i
        = 3 + 8 + 9
        = 20 (C98)

Since the number of dots in the hexagram is equal to the twenty digits in human hands and legs, C98 token is a human being. There is a force of attraction between anyone that has been transformed into C98 and the money stored in the C98 token. The force of attraction pulling money from C98 to my hands is called life force.

Therefore the tree of life is a money tree as it shoot, root and fruits are money. The money tree is a human being whose body attracts money from cryptocurrency investment, trade and exchange like a magnet.

BNB and BUSD are each a life force as they are 3×3 square grid structure of chi or qi. Another example of life force is MBOX token.

I am the money tree. My feet and hands are the root and the shoot of the money tree. And influx of money from Binance to me is the river of life known as life force.

Money flows from Binance to me because I resonate with its structure and we both vibrate at the same frequency.

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