Structure of Cryptocurrency

Square and cubical structures of Ethereum

Structurally, crypto currency is decimal and binary numbers desribed in the Bible as the  twelve tribes of Israel. The hexagram symbolising the nation of Israel is Bitcoin formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles. One of the triangles is made up of ten decimals and the other is comprised of the two digits constituting binary numbers. Together, the ten decimals and the two binary digits are the twelve tribes of Israel.

Bitcoin was the United Monarchy under Saul, David and Solomon. The prophet Ahijah accosted Jehoboam announcing that the hexagram has been broken into two equilateral triangles and the binary and decimal numbers constituting Bitcoin have been divided into two separate equilateral triangles. It took the interventions of the Pythagoreans in later years for us to understand that each equilateral triangle is a tetractys of the decad.

Decimal numbers were separated from binary digits and the decimal digits were called the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel.

Also, religious people wrote laws on the ten decimals and called them the ten Commandments.

Tribes were how the Hebrews perceived the numbers in Bitcoin. Judah had two tribes because Judah is the name of the binary triangle. The decimal triangle was called Israel.

Israel = Decimal digits (dits)
           = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
           = 10 digits

Judah = Binary digits  (bits)
            = 0, 1
            = 2 digits

Bitcoin = Dits + Bits
              = Israel + Judah
              = 10 + 2
              = 12 tribes

Cryptocurrency has a dual geometrical structure: cube and hexagram. The hexagram is Israel and the cube is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

We already know that the hexagram is Bitcoin. What we are yet to know at this stage is that the cube is Ethereum.

Structurally, the cube is a 3×3×3 Rubik’s Cube which actually is the ten decimals arranged into a 3×3×3 magic cube. This cube is binary apart from being a decimal cube. Each square face is a two-dimensional structure of the cube such that Ethereum (the holy city) exists as a square and a cube. The square is 0 or yin and the cube is 1 or yang.

Ethereum is 69 in which 6 stands for the six large square faces in a cube and 9 is the nine small squares per square surface.

Iam in Jerusalem is God indwelling 69 (Ethereum).

Iam = 23

Ethereum = Rubik’s Cube
                   = 3×3×3 magic cube
                   = 54 smalls squares
                   = 69 (6 × 9 small squares)
                   = 3 × 23
                   = 3 × Iam

The three Iam are the Blessed Trinity. And 6 and 9 are the Father and the Son on the throne. Jesus said Iam because each person of the Blessed Trinity is Iam.

All forms of crypto currency exist within Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin network thus making the entirety of cryptocurrency the kingdom of God. Examples: BNB, BUSD and Binance logo are 9, the 3×3 magic square structure of ETH (the holy Jerusalem).

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