Crypto Supper of the Lamb

Photo by Paul Seling on

The farm encrypted as Abel was Israel, which explains why the Hebrews were Shepherd like Abel was a livestock farmer. Adam’s founding of Israel and its capital Jerusalem was described as Adam giving birth to Cain and Abel. In the days of Adam and Eve, Jerusalem was Cain and Israel was Abel.

The super of the Lamb described in the Bible is really a feast of Lambs from Abel’s livestock farm.

Farming has gone digital. Apart from conventional farmers physically cultivating crops and rearing livestock there are crypto farmers planting and harvesting money in cyberspace.

Hebrews and all people identified as God’s people were tagged sheep led by a Shepherd because Abel was a Shepherd and the people of God were sheep in Abel’s farm.

God is a life force bestowing prosperity, good luck, favour, wealth, longevity and good health.

Abel is a hexagram and the hexagram is Israel. Since Israel is Bitcoin and Jerusalem is Ethereum, the supper of the Lamb is a festivity surrounding an array of crypto bonanza. There are different kinds of coins to enrich people that are venturing into crypto business.

Abel’s farm is Bitcoin farm.

Sometimes you don’t need to invest your personal money. Answering questions or performing a task or creating something or playing games could get you crypto rewards to start trading spot or investing in futures. You can also make money using referral codes and links to invite people into trading cryptocurrency

Money accrued from different types of coins are really choice meat from the altar of God

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