The Difference between Jews and Arabs

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What is the difference between Jews and Arabs? Arabs are Rubik’s cube, Jews are algorithm, Arabs and Jews are Rubik’s Cube algorithm.

Arab’s identity revolves around Islam. By converting to Islam, people of other nations, tribes and cultures are transformed to Arabs.
Islam is a cube, and circumambulation round the cube is Arab revolving around the Islam.

The 27 sub-cubes in 3×3×3 cube game are Islam, since Islam is 54, the number of small squares on the six square faces of Rubik’s Cube. Islam is also the EU, since the 27 sub-cubes are the 27 European Union member states.

Jews, whose symbol of identity is the star of David, are the two God’s number. utilised for solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle. God’s number 20 is the two intersecting equilateral triangles and God’s number 26 is the hexagon in the hexagram symbolising the Jewish nation of Israel.

Jews are 46, since the hexagram is the sum of the triangles (20) and the hexagon (26).

Jews = 46

26 stands for the 26 Schengen nations. Citizens of the twenty six nations constituting the Schengen Area are the Jews.

Since the 27 EU member states and the 26 Schengen nations are European nations, Europe is the cube where there is no difference between Jews and Muslims (Arabs).

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