Crypto Droste Effect

Concentric squares.
Photo by David Bartus on

Ethereum is a single coin yet many people have different amounts of the same token. You hear of millions of tokens burnt-out or locked up somewhere yet there is in reality only one coin. How one coin is many coins is explained by the phenomenon of Droste Effect.

In Droste Effect, an object or thing is recursively within itself such that there are uncountable number of 3×3×3 magic cubes in a single cube.

Each sub-cube is itself a 3×3×3 magic cube. There are three layers of 3×3 magic cube in a Rubik’s Cube. Each layer has 8 small cubes surrounding a central cube so that there are three small cubes in the center and 24 small cubes surrounding them. Even the internal cube has a magic cube within itself and the trend continues to infinity.

The best way to project the basic structure of Droste Effect in Rubik’s Cube  is to draw a diagram of concentric squares. Every two squares in a concentric square are a Rubik’s Cube. The external square is equal to 24 sub-cubes and the next layer of square is equal to 3 sub-cubes.

Since the 3×3×3 magic cube is ETH, each token is recursively within itself.

We are able to store vast amount of money in a single coin and hold many of the same coin based on the fact that the same coin is a vessel capable of holding infinite amount of itself. Which explains why Ethereum doubles as money and a box of money.

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