Ethereum Blockchain Structure

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A Rubik’s cube has a frame comprised of 24 sub-cubes surrounding three small cubes. The 24 cubes are a frame known as qi. The internal cube is also a 3×3×3 magic cube consist of a frame and an internal Rubik’s Cube. And it continues in that order forever.

Note that in 2-D, Ethereum blockchain is fundamentally eight small squares surrounding a ninth small squares.

Knowledge of Droste Effect has revealed how the structure of a single 3×3×3 magic cube is an unending chain called blockchain. The single Rubik’s Cube is really one of a series of uncountable 3×3×3 magic cubes arranged in straight lines called chains. They are termed blockchain by virtue of the fact that each cube is a block.

3×3×3 magic cube is actually concentric squares. Each square is qi and the concentric squares are infinite amount of qi energy in a single coin. Considering that qi is prosperity and progress, the concentric squares are the fortunes of people stored in a blockchain. Whenever someone transfers money into the ETH blockchain the money is converted to qi and stored as a square.

Knowledge of circumscribed circles and inscribed squares reveals that each frame containing 24 sub-cubes is a circle and the blockchain is concentric circles.

When asked to draw the diagram of blockchain, the ETH blockchain is simply concentric circles or concentric squares in which each circle or square is a qi life energy comprised of twenty 24 cubes.

Being surrounded by circles or squares is being engulfed by an aura of prosperity and progress.

There is an advantage concealed in everything humans perceived as negative. All that is required is to have the courage to go where no one wanted to be and do things in unconventional ways. Thinking differently could help us find treasures in things the world considered worthless or of no value.

Walking round a cycle of poverty could be seen as a curse expecially when we are unable to break out of the circle. Once we discover that we are trapped in a cycle our hearts and minds could transform the circle of poverty to riches if we change the way we think.

We have just transformed concentric circles to qi energy. Since we have been walking round an eternal circle we are now engulf in an aura of prosperity and progress. Going forward, our life’s journey has become cycling an eternal circle of prosperity, progress and good luck.

We are now encapsulated by Ethereum blockchain which translates to influx of money .

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