The Hands of God

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46, the product of the sum of God’s numbers 20 and 26, is the left and the right hands. Hands now have a new name: qi or chi.

Hands = H + A + N + D + S
             = 8 + 1 + 14 + 4 + 19
             = 46
             = 26 + 20
             = qi + chi

Ulltimately, qi or chi life force is concentrated in  the hands. God is qi such that the hands of God are the hands of qi full of prosperity and progress.

God = G + O + D
        = 7 + 15 + 4
        = 26 (qi)

Reading anything written by the hands of God is practising palmistry or palm reading.

God is a cube since 26 (qi) is the product of the sum of the vertices, edges and square faces of a cube. Which means the hands of God are hands holding a cube.

Qi = cube
     = Edges + Vertices + Faces
     = 12 + 8 + 6
     = 26 (God)

The hands are the sum of God and his algorithm. God is 26 and God’s algorithm is 20, such that the hands are a cube and a hexagram. 26 is the cube and 20 is the hexagram.

Since the hexagram is Israel and the cube is Jerusalem, the hands of God are Israel and its capital.

Israel and Jerusalem are the Lamb and his wife described in the book of Revelation. It is in the hands Israel and its capital city are married and united as one.

Israel = Hexagram
           = Chi (20)
           = Husband

Jerusalem = Cube
                    = Qi (26)
                    = Wife

Hands = 46
             = 20 + 26
             = Chi + Qi
             = Hexagram + Cube
             = Israel + Jerusalem
             = Husband + Wife
             = Married

Since chi and qi are prosperity and progress, Israel and Jerusalem are money in the hands.

Since the cube is the house of God, the hands are the house of God. And since the hexagram is the throne of God, the hands are the throne of money.

Money is temporary in all places but permanent in the hands because the hands are its home and its throne. Which means that the hands will never be empty of money as money will keep flowing to the hands.

The hands of God are the hands of money.

Compare the hand of God.

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