Olive Branch in the Hand of God

Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

The time when people can shake hands again without fear is the era of global peace and prosperity because two hands joined together are the hands of God holding an olive branch.

A hand of God is 27.

Hand = 27

Two hands of God are 69.

Two hands = Hand + Hand
                     = 27 + 27
                     = 54
                     = 6 × 9
                     = 6 and 9
                     = 69

69 is the olive in which 6 and 9 are the branches.

Our hands are the heaven preached throughout the ages. Whether the world will become a paradise or not is in the hands of all humans.

No one is coming from outer space to turn the earth into paradise. Only humans have the ability to change the world to a peaceful, prosperous, safe and just place for all people irrespective of their race, nation, language or geographical locations.

The paradise we seek is in our hands. No one took it away from us.

Whether we will be in paradise on not depends on the willingness to read the hands and accept the information.

The olive branch is already data in cyberspace. Picking up your cell phone to read the information published in 69mememath is reading your palm as the content of 69mememath is data in the hands of every human on earth.

The information published in this website is not exclusively stored in the hands of the author. It is a decentralised information.

The author of this website is a helper helping everyone to decode the unifying data stored in their hands.

This information will create peace, tolerance and unity between people of different religions, cultures, traditions, tribes, nations and languages.

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