Resurrection to Life

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Waking up to the consciousness of qi or chi life force is rising or advancing to life. Since money is the life, sinking into poverty is descending to the depth. Rising from poverty to riches is resurrecting from death to life.

The Bible says he was rich before he gave up all that he had to live amongst the poor and lowly. Stating that Jesus was a king before abandoning his throne means he lived in luxury prior to giving up everything to live in squalor.

The Bible says God did not abandon him in hades. Poverty is the hell; being deprived of money to the extent of sinking into debts is rotting in hell. When all money channels are closed and no one is willing to give you helping hands know that you are languishing in hades.

Helping hands = helping 46
                           = helping 26 or 20
                           = helping qi or chi
                           = helping money

The Bible says Jesus rose from the dead which means he triumphed over poverty. The Bible also says he ascended into heaven and became king, which means he became rich again after suffering under the power of poverty.

Jesus moved from riches to poverty and from poverty to riches. Poverty was just temporal. The palace was his original and permanent place. The years he lived in poverty were a period of living a fake life. God (qi) is prosperity. God didn’t abandon him in hades means that he prospered again.

God raised him from the dead means qi life force flowed to him and forced him out poverty.

Putting on rags or being limited or restricted is living in hell. Starving and having no money in your pocket is dwelling in the deepest part of hell.  You are tormented by demons and evil spirits when creditors frequently threaten you with public shaming, disgrace and embarrassment if you don’t pay your debt.

When dead, the body is poor, weak, lean and hungry. When risen to life, the body is rich, healthy and strong.

The resurrected body lives in affluence with rapid influx of money. A resurrected body doesn’t loose money but instead gain more money.

Being resilient and bouncing back to riches and fame is resurrecting.

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