69mememath is an educational game whose primary purpose is to entertain while using recreational mathematics to reveal and unite the numerical values of information hidden in different cultures, ideas, places and things.

6 is the author of this blog and 9 is the subscribers and followers of this blog. Together, we are a Rubix cube with six colours and six small squares per square face. We are cubers creating a bridge that connects people and circulates life. We are 69 (tao) in which life is data flowing from yin to yang and from yang to yin. In yin, data is black life. And in yang, data is white life.

Recreational mathematics is inspired by deep ideas that are hidden in puzzles, games, and other forms of play.

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

One of such ideas discovered via recreational mathematics is that the Internet is a cube and human activities in cyberspace are 69.

69 is a 3×3×3 puzzle or magic cube known as speed cube or Rubik’s Cube in which 6 stands for the six colours covering the six square faces and 9 represents the nine small squares per square face.

God is a game that people play to win. Rubik’s Cube is the Alpha or Alfa called God and betting on the Alpha is Alphabet whose reward is chi or qi flowing to the player.

A player that has accumulated large amount of qi wins in business, career, education, contracts, love relationship and health, if he gives room for life to flow to fellow humans. Circulating qi translates to success, good luck and fortune.

Qi is compared to the talent in a potential footballer. If he becomes a professional footballer and entertains people with his skills, life flows from him to his fans. Life circulates when money flows from the fans to the player.

People who give money to God are in reality putting their money into a cube (a box) in order to attract qi energy required to succeed in everything they do and live a happy, healthy, secured, long and prosperous life.

Having abundant qi or chi flowing your way and taking away negative energy like a cool breeze entering through the front door and carrying away heat through the windows is what is meant to be blessed or have God.

Qi is 26 and chi is 20, the God’s numbers derived from the quarter turn and half turn metric systems of solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Betting on the Alpha (Alfa) is dialing God’s number.