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Aje, the Yoruba deity believed to give strong support to anyone engaged in profit-making ventures, is the cube described as the holy city in Revelation 21. When demystified, Aje is the spirit of market profitability. Aje, numerically equal to 16, is also a perfect square, according to the book of Revelation. The term perfect square […]

Resurrection to Life

Waking up to the consciousness of qi or chi life force is rising or advancing to life. Since money is the life, sinking into poverty is descending to the depth. Rising from poverty to riches is resurrecting from death to life. The Bible says he was rich before he gave up all that he had […]

Olive Branch in the Hand of God

The time when people can shake hands again without fear is the era of global peace and prosperity because two hands joined together are the hands of God holding an olive branch. A hand of God is 27. Hand = 27 Two hands of God are 69. Two hands = Hand + Hand                     = 27 […]

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