World Bank is a financial institution with two branches: finance and institution. Banking activities by the operators of the World Bank are categorised under finance while research and educational activities are tagged institution.

While the goal of the banking sector is financial inclusion, the mission of the educational wing is social inclusion.

Geographical location is a major factor determining whether someone will be able to cross the poverty line or not. Nowhere are people living in developing countries socially and financially excluded than in cyberspace.

Preventing citizens of developing countries from using payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe to receive payments except when they are resident in Western nations is certainly financial exclusion. Suppressing African contents by search engines and major social media except if the contents are for local audience is clearly social exclusion.

As fintech startups are inventing banking solutions to bank the unbanked in developing countries so they should consider developing payment gateways Africans could use to monetize their websites. New search engines and social media networks developed to enhance promotion and discovery of innovative, useful and valuable digital contents created in Africa should be introduced.

Recently, we came across a young Nigerian who developed a banking software to ease thrift collection. Though this software should be very useful in Nigeria where a large number of traders save money with daily thrift collection, the young man isn’t getting the attention that he deserve.

The educational wing of the World Bank Individual identifies problems hampering progress in developing countries, analyse and use academic solutions to tackle the problems. WBI (World Bank Institute) solves problems.

Rubik’s Cube is the World Bank where poverty and underdevelopment in poor nations are puzzles. Solving these problems is solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Business and education are 6 and 9 so that 69 is the World Bank. 69math is World Bank math and 69mememath is World Bank meme math.