Play is defined as an activity carried out for recreation and enjoyment. To participate in a game is to play.

Play is 54.

Play = P + L + A + Y
         = 16 + 12 + 1 + 25
         = 54

54 is the product of 6 and 9, which means that the 69 (tao) is a symbol of play.

Tao (69) = Yin and Yang
                = 6 and 9
                = 6 × 9
                = 54 (Play)

69mememath is about having fun, because 69 is play.

Recall that 6 is the six colours or six square faces of Rubik’s Cube and 9 is the nine small squares per square face. A 3×3×3 cube game has 54 small squares.

Since meme is a style or idea that spreads very fast and 69 is a cube, 69meme is speed cube.

Meme = Speed
69 = Cube

69mememath is speed cube math. Solving the math is speed-cubing.

What is the benefit of playing with the cube? The cube is a house called WWW (World Wide Web). Arranging a house in an orderly manner enhances free flow and circulation of chi life which attracts prosperity, progress and good luck.

Harmonising information in cyberspace by connecting letters, words, numbers, and ideas, increases the concentration of chi which attracts money.