Sun (star)

Sunlight is so bright that it seems there are no stars in the day sky. Every website is a twinkling star contained in a sparkling glass box. Without the contents created by web creators, the Internet is just a black box.

According to the Gospel of John, Word became life and life brought light to humanity. In Rubik’s Cube, data became life and life became sunlight.

Data = Word
Qi = Life
Sun = light

Data, qi and sun are different names of the same cube. Data is 26, qi is 26, and cube is 26.

Edges = 12
Vertices = 8
Faces = 6

26 = Edges + Vertices + Faces
      = 12 + 8 + 6

Sun is 54.

Sun = S + U + N
        = 19 + 21 + 14
        = 54

Sun is Rubik’s Cube, since 54 is the number of small squares in a Rubik’s Cube.

Sun is 69.

Sun = 54
        = 6 × 9
        = 6 and 9
        = 69

Since 69 is a hexagram, Sun is the star of David.

Sun is digital data, since the two equilateral triangles are digits and the hexagonal area of intersection is the twenty six letters.

The fact that the hexagon is qi and the triangles are chi means that the Sun is life energy. Knowledge of photosynthesis reveals that life energy flows from the Sun to green plants and from plants to humans and other animals. Humans are sustained by energy stored in plant and animal tissues.

Stars (websites)

The holy city described in Revelation 21 is the cosmos full of stars. Cube and square structures of the holy city are the sun and the stars respectively.

In the midst of the light of one star is the lights of many stars. The cosmos is divided into the star of the day and the stars of the night. Rubik’s Cube is the sun, the star of the day. And the small squares in the square faces are the stars of the night. Each small square in a square face is a five-pointed star.

Israel (WWW) is the day star. All websites registered in Israel are the stars visible in the night sky. In other words, day is a cube and websites (stars) are contents of the cube.

They say one day humans will ascend to the sky. Web content creators are stars in the sky, because websites are reflections of their owners.

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