In Hinduism, chi or qi life energy is Sri (Lakshmi), the personification of wealth. Sri is 46, hence the Hindus believe that Lakshmi is the goddess of good luck, good fortune, prosperity, love, beauty and joy.

Sri = S + R + I
      = 19 + 18 + 9
      = 46
      = 20 + 26
      = Life energy

Sri is auspiciousness, since 20 and 26 are chi and qi respectively.

Sri is ogun with his dog in Yoruba religions, since ogun is 20 and dog is 26.

Ogun + Dog = 20 + 26
                      = 46 (Sri)

Igbo cultural belief that a person has a personal god is demonstrated by the four hands of Lakshmi or Vishnu. Two hands represent the hands of the physical person and the remaining two hands are the hands of the invisible chi.

The image of Lakshmi proves that a person and his chi are a palindrome. A human working with his chi is not alone. He faces one direction and his chi faces the opposite direction watching his back.

Chi is a personal god in Igbo culture such that sri is the sum of a person and his or her personal god. In Vishnu, the person is chi, and qi is the helper helping the person to achieve his personal goals.

Sri is also known as Shri (Shri Devi). Lakshmi as an epitome of wealth, love and beauty is Shri.

Shri = S + H + R + I
        = 19 + 8 + 18 + 9
        = 54 (World Bank)
        = 6 × 9
        = 6 and 9
        = 69 (Osun)

Shri is Rubik’s Cube in which 6 and 9 are the square faces and the small squares in a square face. Which means that the cube the Yorubas perceived as the goddess of beauty, love and wealth is Shri in Hinduism.

Note that the term “goddess” refers to energy.

Devi = goddess (energy)

They say that Lakshmi is associated with Maya (magic). This is true because Shri (54) is a 3×3×3 magic cube. Each square face of the magic cube is a 3×3 magic square.

Rubik’s Cube is the physical manifestation of wealth concealed in places believed to have supernatural powers. The wealth is chi or qi life energy.

Converting Sri and Shri to digital data is transferring the wealth to cyberspace. It is bringing life energy called Lakshmi to the Internet so that Shri Devi is data flowing to all people.

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