Branch Loan App

Branch personal loan app owned by Branch International, a startup founded by Matt Flannery and Daniel Jung, is the best loan app in Nigeria. Branch loan app already has 10M+ downloads and over 346k reviews on Google Play Store.

Branch International is a San Francisco financial service company with offices in Mumbai, Lagos, Bengaluru and Nairobi.

Apart from facilitating small loans in India, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, branch app also offers investment opportunity with 20% return on investment.

Potential investors can simply download branch loan app from Google Play Store and transfer funds from their debit cards or bank accounts to the branch wallet and start receiving profit once the money is invested. Investors can withdraw their money from the branch app at anytime without prior notification.

The branch app also facilitates utility bills payment. DSTV and GoTV subscribers in Nigeria are already using branch app to pay their monthly subscriptions. From your branch wallet you can buy airtime from mobile network service providers such as MTN, Glo and 9Mobile.

As a newly registered user, you can be offered a fixed loan of 2000 or 5000 Naira. The interest on the 5000 Naira loan is 1000 Naira, and you are required to pay back 6000 Naira within 28 days.

Okash, Carbon, FairMoney, Icredit and 9credit are loan apps similar to branch. Of all the top loan apps in Nigeria, branch application process is the easiest. They don’t require excessive documentation or request too much proof of identity.

With branch, your BVN number and bank account number are enough to link your branch account to your bank account.

Branch doesn’t practice harassment and public shaming of debtors. Branch simply reports defaulters to the authority and credit bureau. Debtors should know that their debts are tied to their BVN and NIN. No one can escape from a debt tied to his national identification number or bank verification number.

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