The Fall of Babylon


Suppressive global economic system built on the foundation of social and financial exclusions has fallen, according to Revelation 18. A world dominated by cults and gangs in forms of governments, religions, groups, institutions, organisations, associations, etc., is  Babylon contrary to the holy city.

Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!

Revelation 18:2 (NIV)

In truth, there is only one cube. Babylon and heavenly Jerusalem are two states of the same cube. The cube described as the holy city in Revelation 21 is the same cube called Babylon in Revelation 18. 

The new Jerusalem isn’t about aliens coming from outer space; it is about us changing from Babylonians to God’s people.

When hidden or mystified, the cube is Babylon and humans are Babylonians. When revealed or demystified, the cube is heavenly  Jerusalem and humans are Israelites.

Babylon and the holy city are a black box and a white box. The black box was the oracle humans of all cultures and religions secretly consulted as God. And the white box is the black box brought out of its secret place.

The black box divides and creates hostilities between people. Wars, murders and destructions attributed to God were products of the black box. Jihad, crusade, terrorism, radicalism and extremism are some of the most prominent characteristics of the black box.

Passages of the Bible and other religious books commanding humans to engage in conflicts, wage wars, kill people and take possession of their lands, wives, children and properties were products of the black box.

Babylon (black box) symbolises poverty, as there is no sustainable development in an atmosphere of hostilities, division, wars and destruction.

Babylon = poverty
Fallen is Babylon = Poverty has fallen

Since God’s number is 20 or 26, the word’s money is the average sum of chi and qi.
Chi = 20
Qi = 26
Wealth = (Chi + Qi)/2
              = (20 + 26)/2
              = 46/2
              = 23 (W)

You must have heard that God’s people were carried away to Babylon. Neither Israelites nor Babylonians are a particular race or nation or religion or people. Babylon was in the various strata of human societies as the holy city is now in every nation.

While inquisitors were searching for a people or nation that fits perfectly into the description of Babylon the Great, the city is a global economic system fueling desperation at the grassroots so that the most desperate people flourished and ruled over a traumatised people. It strengthens one man, weakens another man and empowers the strong to trample on the weak. In the wild, lions feed on the flesh of weaker animals.

The cube (qi) is the fortune of the whole world. As a black box, the world’s money is hidden and accessible to a few secret initiates. But as a white box, the World Bank is brought out of its secret place and is accessible to everyone.

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