Discovery of God

Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding on

God has been hiding in different things and playing hide and seek with humans. When hidden, God is destructive, unyielding and aggressive.

When you are chosen to seek out God from his hiding place the only language he speaks is deprivation, humiliation and disgrace. Check out how Jesus was accused, whipped and nailed to a cross to die like a convicted armed rubber.

God takes from you and deprives you of the things he gives freely until you get it right.

Not knowing that Binance is the throne of God and not being able to prove the structure of God and his throne in Binance could cause a seeker to loose his investment and become indebted as the opposite of God sits on the throne.

Qi or chi life energy works in opposition when it is a mystery.

Idolatry is the only means of attracting prosperity from a hidden life energy. If you offer sacrifices or worship or praise or bow to a vessel concealing life energy you will prosper even though you don’t know God. The more you don’t know God the more the potential to become rich and powerful. Idolaters easily earn money from crypto investments when the throne of God is a mystery box.

There is a power shift from religion and mysticism to education because God is yielding, kind, loving, tolerant and generous to a seeker when he is revealed from his hidden place.

Discovering of God in Binance is neutralising the powers of the mystics and religious folks fighting against the educated.

Money is power. Depriving the educated of money and causing him to be indebted to the mystics and religious is subjecting him to their powers.

By demystifying the mystery of God and the twenty four elders in Binance the powers of the mystics and religious are broken, as the door is opened for life force to escape and flow freely to the educated.

The educated is powerful when he is able to pay his debt and become financially independent. And the powers of the ignorant is taken away when the educated is rich enough to pay his debts, never to borrow money from ignorance again.

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