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Aje, the Yoruba deity believed to give strong support to anyone engaged in profit-making ventures, is the cube described as the holy city in Revelation 21. When demystified, Aje is the spirit of market profitability.

Aje, numerically equal to 16, is also a perfect square, according to the book of Revelation. The term perfect square refers to 2-D structure of the 3×3×3 magic cube.

The 3×3 square grid comprised of nine small squares is the 2-D structure of the 3×3×3 magic cube.

Aje is sixteen squares.

Aje = A + J + E
       = 1 + 10 + 5
       = 16
       = 4 × 4

A 3×3 square grid is simply a ludo board game divided by a cross. The sixteen tokens in a ludo game are Aje. Four out of the nine small squares are 16 while the remaining five small squares are a cross dividing the 3×3 square grid into a four square.

When numbered 1 to 9, the nine squares in a 3×3 square grid are grouped into two: cross and transverse cross. 1, 3, 7 and 9 are a transverse cross. While 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 are a cross. A 3×3 square grid is formed by the intersection of a cross and a transverse cross.

Cross = + (plus sign)
Transverse cross = × (multiplication sign)

Aje is therefore the eight-pointed star known as Bagua. Since Bagua is heaven, unleashing Aje into your business is heaven supporting your trade and ensuring that you make enormous profit.

Since the 3×3 square grid is Binance logo, Binance is Aje supporting traders to profit from crypto investment. All people working in Binance and other crypto trade and investment platforms are transformed into angels helping to eliminate loss and ensure that traders make money from their investments.

When demystified, the people who once worked against prosperity are transformed to support and promote prosperity and progress. They give financial assistance and support and   propel you to financial success.

When you get to the state where the cube is Aje, you get capital to pay your debt, invest in trade and and make profit. The occupants of the covenstead comes out enmase to raise capital for your business.

Money stops disappearing and all money  taken to the coven are released when Aje is transformed to chi or qi life energy.

Life is Akpo in Urhobo language.


Life = Akpo
Life force = Akpo force
Life energy = Akpo energy

Chi or qi is akpo, since chi or qi is life.

Chi = Akpo
Qi = Akpo

Akpo was an Aje stealing money from us and causing money to disappear. Money stolen by akpo is said to have been taken to the coven. By demystifying Aje all money stored in the coven are released. They are chi or qi life energy flowing out of the coven to us.

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