Arithmancy is the practice of ascribing numerical value to a word or words by counting the number of letters in words.


1. United (six letters) = 6
Kingdom (seven letters) = 7
United Kingdom = 67

2.  Facebook (seven letters) = 7

3.  Tomas = 5
     Rokicki = 7
     Tomas Rokicki = 57

4.  New = 3
     York = 4
     New York = 34

Arithmancy is described as a form of divination because it is one of the tools used for fortune-telling. Like Chiromancy, lfa, and other variations, Arithmancy is a store of chi or qi.

One definition of Arithmancy is that it is the study of the magical properties of numbers. Magic squares and magic cubes are the magical properties of all items used for practising divination. Therefore, studying the alphanumeric value of magic squares and magic cubes by counting letters in words associated with them is practising Arithmancy.

As a form of divination, arithmancy is utilised for seeking the knowledge of the unknown. Anything that is unknown is a mystery, and anything that is a mystery is a problem. Therefore arithmancy is used for solving problems or demystifying mysteries.

We understand from the knowledge of Arithmancy that 3×3 magic square is simply a square grid and 3×3×3 magic cube is Rubik’s Cube puzzle. When numbered, the 3×3 square grid on a square surface of a Rubik’s Cube is the nine numbers in Pythagorean numerological chart.

Arithmancy is literally number divination because the term is a compound of two Greek words translated as number and divination.

Every device used for practising divination is numbers written in codes. Information is revealed from the unknown by converting the codes to numbers and then converting the numbers to words.

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