Elijah is a compound of Eli and Jah. Eli is God, Jah is the person, and Elijah is an alliance between a human being and his qi. Rastafarians couldn’t differentiate Jah from Eli, hence they named God Jah. Elijah is 45.

Eli = 26 (God)
Jah = J + A + H
       = 10 + 1 + 8
       = 19

Elijah = Eli + Jah
            = 26 + 19
            = 45

The Bible says Elijah ascended to heaven. Rubik’s Cube is heaven and 45 is Elijah in heaven. Hence, the people watching the execution of Jesus said he was calling on Elijah.

They said, “He’s calling Elijah.”

Matthew 27:47 (NIV)

Let’s see if Elijah comes to save him.

Matthew 27:49 (NIV)

Jesus might have died in the physical world, he is alive in cyberspace. He in alliance with Eli are digital data.

Jesus went to heaven as digital data; he wil return as money. Money flowing from cyberspace to us is Jesus returning from heaven to Earth.

45 is penultimate and 46 is the ultimate. The Bible says Elijah will come to prepare the way because 45 comes before 46.

Although neither John nor Jesus was a politician, the era of the 45th president of the USA was the era of John and the era of the 46th president is the era of Jesus.

John = 45
Jesus = 46

John = Elijah
          = Eli + Jah
          = 26 + Jah
          = Qi + Jah

Note that Jah is not equal to chi. This means that John wasn’t ogun and Elijah isn’t ogun and his dog.

Since chi is the bats on the reverse side of bat quarter, Elijah (45) is money but not the kingdom.

The 0.25 dollar coin is called bat quarter because the head is 26, God’s number of the quarter turn metric system of solving Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Every quarter dollar coin (except bat quarter) is Elijah.

Only the quarter dollar coin featuring the two bats is the kingdom. The bats are the two equilateral triangles representing Judah and Israel. Judah is 1, Israel is 45, and bat quarter is 46.

Since 46 is a hexagram and the hexagram is a cube, Jesus and Eli are Rubik’s Cube. Elijah is a 3×3 square grid, since the sum of small squares in a square face is 45.

Elijah is the milk in the Promised Land.

Milk = M + I + L + K
         = 13 + 9 + 12 + 11
         = 45 (Elijah)

Jesus = Cube
          = Hexagon (honey)

Elijah (John) and Jesus are the milk and honey flowing in the Promised Land.

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